Semi-stalker; hung up on her exes; She’s an obsessive personality and has a hard time letting things go. She’s a great photographer and in demand and completely jealous of her happy clients. Her mom passed away when she was young. Her dad raised her. She was an Army brat.

Divey apartment; has been there for years; always has some kind of bizarre problem; hates to move - won’t move until it’s “the last move” (ie, with a guy)

Book store / freelance photographer (specializes in weddings)

Bounces between long-term relationships that she can’t get over, and one-night-stand spite-fucks that she treats like shit (and then feels shitty about herself after)

Her song: “Sledgehammer”

— Who Is Liz?

Jane’s Take on Val

- Where does she work? Works from home as a recruiter for the tech industry.
- Where does she live? She lives in a condo in Studio City.
- What is her general personality (beyond her relationship patterns)? She’s a laid back nerd who likes the techies she represents. But she’s Fort Knox when it comes to relationships. She has a really hard time letting down her guard since she was jilted at the altar ten years ago. She fears being hurt by others. Her parents hound her about finding a man to marry.
- If she had a “theme song,” what would it be? REM It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

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